VEAP Shield United presents most sustainable spoiler


VEAP Shield United is leading in aerodynamic applications, and was looking forward to this international automotive exhibition because this edition focuses on sustainability which fits perfectly, well, to their products in general, but especially to their latest development: a fully circular spoiler made of natural materials. This spoiler is produced from 100% natural fibre composite materials based on hemp and 100% bio-based resin. So this is completely in line with their sustainability strategy.

Sustainabillity is very important for VEAP and not only for them but also for their custumers since there is an increasing demand for sustainable products. “We are very proud of our innovation and would like to give it a stage at IAA Hannover.” says Gerrit van Kleef, director at VEAP Shield United. Normally, many aerodynamic products are made of various plastics. With the mission of '0% emission is our mission', VEAP looks further then the purpose of the products. By questioning the choice of materials for the products, the spoiler becomes even more durable. He continues: “This spoiler can be completely biodegraded at the end of its life cycle. It is not only a first within our range, but within the entire transport world.”

During the experiments, the polyester was replaced by exclusively natural materials which offers at least the same quality. These natural fibre materials are made into sheeds and these are glued into the mold. The resin is produced from plant waste material and is the world's first 100% biobased resin. “It is a wonderful step towards a sustainable production proces; the first of many. It cannot be sustainable enough for us.”

Veap sets high standards for new products. Every product they develop is tested on various aspects. We pay a lot of attention to this during the 3D design process as well as during production. Gerrit: “We are therefore very proud that we have been able to develop this durable spoiler that guarantees the trusted Veap quality. This first product shows what we are capable of and could be a nice addition to our range in the future.”

VEAP Shield United is the market leader in aerodynamic applications for light and heavy commercial vehicles for over forty years and tries to contribute to a sustainable transport world. Gerrit: “We are proud that we can do this with sustainable products from now on as well”.

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