Glue prescription

We often get the question how our products need to be glued. The glue prescription below shows how we advise to place our products on your vehicle. We also use this glue prescription in our own workshop.                                     

Step 1: First place the spoiler on the cab and mark it.
Step 2: Lightly scrub the surface of the spoiler with Scotchbrite M600. Remove dust with a clean cloth or dry air pressure    
Step 3: Then thoroughly clean and degrease the roof and the edge of the spoiler (the bonding surface) with Sikaflex Activator (strengthens the glue) or Sikaflex 205 cleaner. Use a clean, non-drapery cloth or tissue paper. Please change the cloth regularly!                                     
Step 4: This cleaner needs some air for 15 minutes. After this, treat surfaces with the adhesive primer Sikaflex 206 primer G + P. Use a clean brush and apply a thin, fully covering layer of primer. Drying time minimum 30 minutes, maximum 2 hours.                                        
Step 5: Now you can apply the glue. Use Sikaflex 252 here. Apply a triangular bead from +/- 8 mm wide and +/- 10 mm high. The glue kit can be applied on the surface off the spoiler or possibly on the cab.                                                            
Step 6: Pay attention! Leave 2 small openings at the front of the spoiler in the glue kit so that any rainwater can drain behind the spoiler.                                            
Step 7: Place the spoiler on the cab. The applied glue layer now reduces. This is necessary, but remember: The glue layer must have a minimum height of 3 mm. Apply sufficient pressure to the spoiler with the help of fastening aids. These tools can be removed after 24 hours. The cab must be in a warm environment (+/- 20 degrees).
Step 8: You are able to, if desired, seal a possible seam with the adhesive kit. Any excess glue residues can be removed immediately after using Sikaflex 208 cleaner.                                     
Spray advice with polyester spoilers                                      
Spraying a polyester spoiler requires special treatment. Because the production is manual work, pinholding can arise in here unfortunately. We see pinholding as an insurmountability in the production of a spoiler, therefore we accept no claims for this. To prevent these problems we provide you a number of tips.                                 

Step 1: Degrease the spoiler first.                                     
Step 2: Gently roughen with scotchbrite or 1200 grit dry sandpaper. Do not rub through the top layer. Do not use machines for this.                                                  
Step 3: Make it dust and grease free.                                
Step 4: Apply a tinting surfacer (a colored wet in wet sprayable primer) in a thin layer. Provide the places where pinholding arises, with extra layers of the same tinting surfacer. Or: Spray the entire spoiler into a filling primer / spray filler.                                     
Step 5: Lightly sand, degrease and spray in the desired color.                                        
Step 6: After spraying allow the spoiler to dry without an elevated temperature.